North Bay Heritage Gardeners Welcome New Executive Director

The North Bay Heritage Gardeners are pleased to introduce new Executive Director, Patrick Paulo.

Before joining the Heritage Gardeners, this year, Patrick had previously served as the Executive Director of the Lake of Woods District Stewardship Association. His crowning success is delivering the first-ever-of-its-kind mobile boat wash station in the northwestern Ontario region, while also managing an award-winning environmental education program, and assisting in producing a highly regarded stewardship magazine – the Area News.

Like so many community-minded members, he firmly believes in keeping our shorelines pristine and the waterfront a beautiful place to be enjoyed. Patrick joins the Heritage Gardeners eager to support the Heritage Gardener’s Board of Directors and strategic plans of developing a year-round, community-based, educational, horticultural, and environmental program focusing on waterfront beautification.

North Bay Heritage Gardeners eagerly welcome Patrick Paulo to the team and look forward to this upcoming chapter of their rich, more than 25-year history. His drive demonstrates the Heritage Gardeners’ motto “Community Spirit in Full Bloom.” Patrick will be a great fit for the Heritage Gardeners.” says Co-chair Wanda Wallace. Carol Ann DiBartolomeo, Co-chair continued, “His experience overseeing our fundraising efforts, marketing, and event planning, will be an asset to our volunteer organization.”

The Heritage Gardeners is a local organization with over 200 volunteer gardeners who maintain and enhance the ornamental gardens along the waterfront. To learn more about the Heritage Gardeners’, visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @NBHGardeners.


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In Memory of Dorval Ledoux

Dorval Ledoux was a member of the Heritage Gardeners for more than 15 years. He was a dedicated member of the Perky Pruners team that cared for gardens #8 and #12. Dorval was a lovely character that was adored by his co-gardening members, saying often, “How can I go wrong, gardening with these special, beautiful…

Minimalist Gardening

Minimalist gardening involves a restricted palette of hard landscaping materials, plants, and colours, combined with a design of bold, simple lines. If you want to give your garden a simple, clean, and uncluttered appearance, then a minimalist garden might suit you the best. Begin by establishing clear boundaries to give your space an organized structure.…

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