Gardening for Wildlife

Help welcome pollinators and other wildlife into your garden and support them with a needed habitat. These animals play a critical role in our own survival, from pollinators that help provide fruits and vegetables to cavity-nesting birds that help keep mice and insects under control. Your design can be simple and suited to your lifestyle, … More Gardening for Wildlife

Become a Heritage Gardener – help us work towards our mission of community spirit in full bloom!

The Heritage Gardeners Program centres on horticultural education and supports the environment. Heritage Gardeners are a group of friendly volunteers always looking to share their passion for their community with others. Volunteers have their own motivation for joining which include: socializing with friends, learning about gardening, meeting new people, or staying active. No gardening experience … More Become a Heritage Gardener – help us work towards our mission of community spirit in full bloom!

Balcony Gardening

Balcony gardening is perfect for those living in a condo or apartment. Before you start, check your building regulations. Determine the area of your balcony, the space being used for outdoor furniture, and the area you want to use for your garden. Check the amount of light and wind your balcony is exposed to. Protect … More Balcony Gardening

March 2021 Virtual Education Package

The North Bay Heritage Gardeners’ education platform was redesigned since in-person sessions are not possible due to COVID-19. Master Gardener Lynn Farintosh and NBHG Executive Director Jade Scognamillo designed a monthly education resource that can be shared with volunteers and the public. Each month, three topics will be explored, accompanied by articles, videos, online resources, … More March 2021 Virtual Education Package

Winter Garden Design

When designing your winter garden, choose elements that create winter interest. Select plants that exhibit interesting structural characteristics. Add movement and texture by leaving dried forms of perennials or ornamental grasses overwinter. Attract birds by leaving seed heads of perennials such as purple coneflower, sunflowers, and sedum. Most of your winter garden’s vibrant colours come … More Winter Garden Design

Forcing Bulbs Indoors

When selecting bulbs for forcing, try choosing larger bulbs as they provide the best indoor blooms. Preferred hardy bulbs include crocuses, grape hyacinths, hyacinths, and snowdrops. Tender bulbs include amaryllis and paper white narcissus. There are two types of bulbs for indoor growing: those you need to chill and those you do not. Bulbs that … More Forcing Bulbs Indoors

North Bay Canada Place

NORTH BAY CANADA PLACE A New Waterfront Gathering Place North Bay’s waterfront will have an added feature come spring – a new walkway, seating area and gardens to recognize diversity and inclusion, a project spearheaded by the North Bay Heritage Gardeners. The City of North Bay began construction of the accessible walkway late summer and is … More North Bay Canada Place