Honorary Heritage Gardener

Congratulations to our 2017 Honorary Heritage Gardener award winners,
Mike Burke and Jamie Houston!

In 1999 the Heritage Gardener’s Organization created the Honorary Heritage Gardener of the Year Award to recognize an individual or group in the community who is not a Heritage Gardener. The worthy recipient should exemplify our motto “Community Spirit in Full Bloom”, have demonstrated stewardship of the environment and reached out beyond their back yard.

This is an opportunity for Heritage Gardeners to distinguish a person, family or a group in the community who deserves to be acknowledged and recognized. Please take few minutes to reflect upon someone within the community who has inspired you and nominate them to receive the award.

Please think about who you would like to honor as an Honorary Heritage Gardener and submit your nomination by Thursday, May 24, 2018 using the 2018 Honorary Heritage Gardener form. Hard copies of these forms are also available at the Museum.

Please click HERE to print or download your own form.