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The North Bay Heritage Gardeners are a local, non-profit organization with over 250 volunteer gardeners who maintain and enhance ornamental gardens along the Lake Nipissing waterfront. No gardening experience required! FREE education sessions are offered to grow your gardening knowledge. 

The gardening season runs from May to October each year, kicking off with a spring community cleanup in May and finishing by planting bulbs in October. Volunteers are placed in teams along the waterfront and garden under the guidance of a Team Leader. A Guest Gardener program is available for occasional gardeners. Teams typically spend 1-2 hours per week maintaining their garden bed.

Volunteerism is a cornerstone in the success of the Heritage Gardeners. It is only through the active engagement of a substantial group of volunteers that the Heritage Gardeners can accomplish its plans and make significant progress towards fulfilling its mission. Therefore, as a progressive non-profit organization, our commitment is to a volunteer service which ensures a satisfying experience. A Volunteer Appreciation Symposium is held each year to thank volunteers from the previous year. 

There are many ways to get involved with the Heritage Gardeners beyond gardening Interested volunteers are asked to contact the Heritage Gardener Executive Director. 


1. Sign a registration form;

2. Log your hours;

3. Review the Safety Guidelines & Volunteer Handbook.

COVID-19 Re-entry Plan

NBHG_COVID-19_Health Guidelines Volunteers – May 2021

2021_NBHG_Volunteer Registration Form Fillable (Fillable PDF)

2021_NBHG_Youth Volunteer Registration Form Fillable (Fillable PDF)

2021_NBHG_Guest Gardener Volunteer Registration Form Fillable (Fillable PDF)

2021_NBHG_Volunteer Hours Tracking Form (Fillable PDF)


  1.  Recreational Gardener
  2.  Team Leader
  3.  Executive Board member
  4.  Committee member
  5.  Guest Gardener

Team Leader (5+ positions) helps with the design, planting and maintenance of the waterfront garden beds and coordinates their garden team’s gardening activities. The Team Leader is responsible for attending the annual spring meeting and maintaining communication with team members.


Interested in making a gardening team? Here are some beds that are ready and in need of a team!

Bed U2- This garden has lots of room to work with! The bed has beautiful views of the Waterfront and is right beside the underpass walkway for many to admire as they stroll past. The garden is unique with its curved shape and large stones to compliment the greenery. Featured in this garden are crocus, mugo pines, and the Canada 150 tulips. Make this garden your own and create a team to take on this fun and rewarding opportunity.


The following teams are looking for more members to join them in their garden beds. Click on each team name to get a look at their garden!

Beds #9, 10 & 11 Phelps Pruners

Bed #18 – Plant Managers (Looking for students/youth)

Beds #19 & #20Forest Dwellers

Bed #22Island Clippers

Bed #30Rockettes

Bed #31Birch Island

Bed #40ESundial Flower Buddies

Bed #40CDizzy Diggers

Bed #47Fortune Tillers

Beds #48 & #54Red Bloomers

Bed #52Secret Keepers

If you’re interested in volunteering with any of these teams, you’ll need a completed volunteer registration form available here. If you have any questions or require further information, please reach out to us by emailing: heritage.gardeners@heritagenorthbay.com


Executive Recruitment (5)


The Executive Committee elections will take place at the Symposium. Open positions are listed below; the commitment involves attending monthly meetings and special events. Please use the Executive Committee nomination form 2019 to nominate an Executive member.

Recording Secretary (1 position) full position descriptions and details available here.

Sponsorship Chair (1 position) full position descriptions and details available here.

Advisor (2 open positions) will serve two years with a third-year option and will:

  1. Provide support drafting business plans, setting goals and analyzing the feasibility of executing the plans;
  2. Provide guidance on legal, marketing, and finance aspects as required for project development;
  3. Assist with annual review of policies and procedures.

A signed registration form is required EVERY YEAR by each gardener. In order for the City’s insurance to cover all volunteers, each person much be registered every year. 

Registration Forms are e-mailed to volunteers that registered the previous season. Hard copies are available for pick-up/drop-off at the Heritage Gardeners office and Discovery North Bay Museum, during regular business hours.


2020 NBHG Gardening Guideline

Map of the Waterfront Heritage Gardens

North Bay Heritage Gardeners Map-page-001