Hariett Madigan

“I have watched this volunteer organization evolve for 20 years under the guidance of the executive members.  The Heritage Gardeners organization has been a highlight in my life! We meet 10 times a year, and also meet for occasional dinners and socials.   I’ve enjoyed the company and learned from such wise, thoughtful and community-minded women.  I highly recommend getting involved at the executive level…”

Wanda2012 2Past Chair
Wanda Wallace 

“I love beauty and I am proud to play a small part in the beautification of North Bay’s waterfront.  It is important to continue to enhance the gift of North Bay’s waterfront. I have been Team Leader of Bed #4 for 20 years. It is a joy to work every Monday evening with our volunteer team.  They are amazing! The Executive team is another very important component on the success of the Heritage Gardening program.   It is not an onerous task and I have been co-chair twice and held other positions over the period of 20 years. I honestly have gained more than I have given to the Heritage Gardener organization.  Previous gardening experience is not a prerequisite since there are many learning opportunities available.” 

Corresponding & Recording Secretary
Carol-Ann DiBartolomeo

Education Chair
Gisele Furguson

Design Team Chair
Bonnie Cappadocia

Sue Buckle

Serena Foisy

Damian MacSeanin

Thank you to past Co-Chair, Frances McParland for volunteering with North Bay Heritage Gardeners from 2015 to 2018. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!


Co-chair 2015-2018
Frances McParland

“I have been on the Heritage Gardeners’ Executive Committee  since September 2015, and I’ve always been impressed by the dedication of the Volunteers and staff to this organization. The Heritage Gardeners Executive meetings and events run seamlessly and in a very professional manner.  We have a lot of fun and I have made some great friends and met so many wonderful people. North Bay is a great place to live and we are very fortunate to have such a great group of gardeners helping to beautify our waterfront.”


North Bay Heritage Gardener Director,
Jade Scognamillo
Email: heritage.gardeners@heritagenorthbay.com


@DiscoveryNorthBay (formerly The North Bay Area Museum), The Heritage Railway & Carousel Co. and The North Bay Heritage Gardeners formed Heritage North Bay, a predominantly volunteer-based organization with the goal of caring for our Waterfront and rail land / park developments.