The following teams are looking for more members to join them in their garden beds. Click on each team name to get a look at their garden!

Bed #18 – Plant Managers (Team gardens on Thursday at 9 am)

This garden bed experiences a lot of pedestrian traffic as it is located near the boat ramp.  This large garden has a burst of colour when in full bloom spring, summer & fall (poppies, daylilies, daisies, coneflowers). The butterflies and bees love it!

Bed #31 – Birch Island (Team gardens on Tuesday at 8 am)

Bed 31 is a long, narrow bed that borders the brick walking path and the rocky boulder field that edges Lake Nipissing. It is located directly across from the railway underpass to downtown. This bed is almost 300’ long.

Bed #40E – Sundial Flower Buddies (Team gardens on Wednesday 8 am)

Bed #40C – Dizzy Diggers (Team gardens on Thursday at 9 am)

This bed is located adjacent to the parking lot and are surrounded by concrete edges at the two staircases near the sundial the overlook area which includes five garden beds amongst benches and a walkway. This bed is divided into three sections and is managed by three seperate teams.

Bed # 50 – Puppy Willows (Team gardens on Thursday at 9 am)

Near the far east end, you will find the Puppy Willows. This team is aptly named as the bed contains Arctic Willows and dogwoods. There is a pathway within this bed that provides visitors easy access to the beach. Being out in full sun, the plants here tolerate intense heat and dry condition. Blanket flowers, daisies, wholly thyme and orange daylilies are among the plants that thrive.

Bed #52 – Secret Keepers (Team gardens on Tuesday at 10 am)

Bed 52 is the last garden along the waterfront. This bed provides a grand view of the lake.

If you’re interested in volunteering with any of these teams, you’ll need a completed volunteer registration form available here. If you have any questions or require further information, please reach out to us by emailing:

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