March 2021 Virtual Education Package

The North Bay Heritage Gardeners’ education platform was redesigned since in-person sessions are not possible due to COVID-19. Master Gardener Lynn Farintosh and NBHG Executive Director Jade Scognamillo designed a monthly education resource that can be shared with volunteers and the public. Each month, three topics will be explored, accompanied by articles, videos, online resources, and/or in-person interviews. Materials will be posted on the Heritage Gardener website for one month.

I feel it’s safe to say that spring is figuring large in the thoughts and imaginations of gardeners all over Ontario. It’s still too early for many gardening activities, but it’s safe to think about what is coming up soon. We have covered four topics this month.  

 March Topics
1. Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring
2. Pruning
3. Dormant Oil Applications

Click on the link below to view or download the 2021 March education package

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