Planning Your Garden Season

Colorful Garden Plan Design

During the winter, most gardeners are dreaming about spring gardening. However, winter is the best time to start your garden plan with these great tips. This plan should include the gardening tasks you want to accomplish, like the expansion or establishment of a garden or the addition of new flower or shrub types. Include a sketch of your garden design so that you have an idea of where you want to plant your flowers or shrubs. When designing your plan, the garden looks different each season. Include a budget in your garden plan as seeds, plants, shrubs, and garden supplies can be expensive. Ensure that you can afford to implement your plan. If your garden plan turns out to be too costly to execute, you can modify your plan. This can save you time, money, and frustration later. Time is your second critical resource. Include a monthly timeline in your garden plan showing tasks based on priority, and schedule tasks for the best time of year for the health of the garden. Include when to purchase seeds, plants, or other garden supplies, when to plant your garden, or when to transplant flowers or shrubs. Research the best time to carry out your garden tasks in your specific gardening zone as weather and growing seasons may differ. Record your garden plan using a garden journal or spreadsheet. As you review your garden plan, tally your progress, and make any adjustments as things change. If you plan on growing something new, winter is the best time to order seeds online or from a seed catalog. Suppliers are suggesting that you order seeds now. Take the time to research how to handle unsolved problems that you encountered in the garden last year. Use the time you’re stuck indoors to build up a storehouse of knowledge to draw from in the coming months!

These tips come from Kendra on and the Gardening Plan on If you are interested in gardening – join the North Bay Heritage Gardeners! New volunteers are always welcome. No gardening experience is required. Visit

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