Gardening with Pollinators

Bee spring 19On Thursday, May 30 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the North Bay Museum, the education session topic is ‘Gardening with Pollinators’ presented by Melanie Alkins.
“I am a biologist by training, Naturalist by heart, and gardener by experiment.  And I love to share my passion and curiosity with others such that they feel inspired to do those things that resonate with them and support a connected community.” – Melanie Alkins.
Learn to support pollinators in your garden!
The Heritage Gardeners will be creating a wildflower garden at the waterfront which will be maintained by volunteers from the Nipissing Naturalists Club. This education session would also be helpful to those interested in joining the team. No gardening experience required!
Please pre-register by sending your name and contact information to or (705) 472-4006.

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