Executive Positions Available

Executive Postions Available - POSTER 2018

By The Executive Team 

The North Bay Heritage Gardener’s size has grown exponentially in the last decade or so, with new additions to our office staff and an abundance of new recruits for the Waterfront gardens. While our dutiful office team is constantly striving to coordinate what is going on around the flower beds on the Waterfront, we’re currently in search of additional help on our executive team.

Currently the executive committee is made up of seven members who all play a role in the program, while some executive members such as Past Chair; Wanda Wallace is an active Team Leader of bed #4.

The NBHG is seeking members for four separate roles to help oversee the current Executive Committee. The roles we are looking to fill include Executive Committee Chair, Education Chair, Sponsorship Chair and an Advisor. Members are generally nominated and later elected onto the committee that takes places at our Annual General Meeting. This year’s Annual Meeting already took place in the spring, but there is a possibility of an election at our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon in September.

Our hope is to find community-minded people who will add diversity and integrity to our workplace while helping our brand grow and blossom.

Potential candidates seeking the role should exhibit leadership qualities and hold a passion for nature and the outdoors (preferably gardening).

The first position available is the Executive Committee Chair and will be responsible for overseeing the general/annual/monthly meetings. Acting as Chair will require strong leadership and interpersonal skills while being able to act as a representative of NBHG during committee meetings.

The second position available is the Education Chair, which is generally responsible for acting as a link between the Education Committee and the Executive Committee. Their role will be to work with NBHG’s Director to ensure educational goals are established and set for the upcoming year. Additional duties will include facilitating the subcommittee meetings as needed and submitting a report to the Heritage Gardeners’ Executive.

The third position for Sponsorship Chair will be responsible for attending 1-2 hour sessions per month. Responsibilities will include acting as a link between the Director and our Executive Committee and relaying the messages between both parties. They will act as NBHG’s representative for sponsorship outreach and help coordinate fundraising initiatives that act to keep our program thriving.

Lastly, our final position for the committee Advisor will be responsible for offering professional advice to both our Co-chairs and the Executives. The Advisor’s duties will also include providing support in drafting business plans and setting goals by analyzing the feasibility of executing the plans.

There are subsidary positions available for those interested in volunteering  their time for other efforts, but not necessarily for the Executive Committee. We’re currently in search of Team Leaders to help coordinate their team’s gardening.

The North Bay Heritage Gardeners is a hopeful group of individuals that work with volunteer members that strive to improve the Waterfront beautification. The rate of growth has exceeded our expectations and we’re always excited to add fresh faces to our gardening family. Any interested candidates can visit our website at northbayheritagegardeners.com for more details.

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