Annual Spring Waterfront Cleanup Recap

2018 Waterfront Cleanup recap 

By Community Outreach Intern

As the winter season came to an end after its prolonged stay, the subsequent accumulation of debris and litter muddles the beautiful waterfront beds that we work so diligently to keep flourishing. 

Each year a team of appreciated gardeners gather to collectively restore the flower beds and prepare them for the upcoming gardening season. Without these admirable volunteers, the public would see a noticeable difference while walking along the flower beds.

On Saturday, May 12, the team gathered at the Rotary Rotunda Gazebo near the Waterfront Marina to discuss and organize how the morning would play out. Coffee and tea were provided on behalf of NBHG as our small and humble sign of our gratitude (and to keep everyone warm during the chilly morning.) At 9:15, our Horticultural Coordinator, Carol Furlonger, led a discussion to demonstrate the proper ways to trim the shrubs so neither the shrubs nor the handler were harmed by the tools. Then from there we began the cleanup with our paper debris bags in hand. 

Litter wasn’t so much of the focus because the flower bed renewal was our main objective. Volunteers were asked to leave the remaining debris bags by the trash cans located along the waterfront, and ultimately, more than 100 bags of debris and litter were accumulated at the end of the day.

All volunteers were welcome to join as we continually try and influence our community members to help assist in keeping our waterfront alive and blooming. The day was a success and was filled with many laughs and smiles along the way.

We’d like to issue a gracious thanks to all those who came out and helped. Their assistance is much appreciated, and it’s those who volunteer that keep us thriving. 

The flower beds are now open for the season; get ready to get your hands dirty!

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