Minimalist Gardening

Minimalist gardening involves a restricted palette of hard landscaping materials, plants, and colours, combined with a design of bold, simple lines. If you want to give your garden a simple, clean, and uncluttered appearance, then a minimalist garden might suit you the best.

Begin by establishing clear boundaries to give your space an organized structure. Achieve a clean and simple look by limiting the number of hardscaping materials and colours used. Choose pots and furniture in soft, muted shades that will not compete with your garden’s greenery. Use natural hardscape materials like wood, granite, limestone, and bluestone. Use materials like cedar in both fencing and furniture pieces. Arrange furniture, plants, and lights in neat lines that emphasize symmetry and balance in your landscaping.

The need for plants in this style of garden can be minimal.(1) Plants help soften the design, bringing relief from the structures of the hard landscaping. Create garden harmony and unity by including numerous types of plants of the same colour but with different shades and tones. Popular colours include neutral grays and blacks, but some prefer more dominant colours, such as acid green, to contrast the neutral colouring of the hardscaping. Restrict your plantings to no more than three species, repeated if necessary within the scheme.(1) Choose some evergreen varieties like pines or cedars that provide three season colour. These hedges will provide added privacy, plus offer a natural backdrop to your space. Create an easy-care floor by adding a pebble rock lawn, pavement, or grass. These are great additions to any garden and require little maintenance over time.

With restricted plantings, neutral colors, and clean lines, you can create a minimalist garden anywhere.

These tips come from If you are interested in gardening – join the North Bay Heritage Gardeners! New volunteers are always welcome. No gardening experience is required. Visit

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