Research Project Underway

By Community Outreach Intern 

Ellie Ruggles

The first official day of summer has arrived and has brought sunshine to our Waterfront gardens. All of our volunteers are working hard and really representing the Heritage Gardeners well. This season, a graduate student from the University of Guelph will be conducting her research project along the Waterfront. Many daily walkers have expressed their appreciation for the garden beds, which shows the community’s respect for our volunteer based program. Your work is recognized and cherished.

An MA student with the University of Guelph will be present along the Waterfront this season. Ellie Ruggles is a graduate student and student researcher; she will be conducting her Master’s thesis for the Master’s of Public Issues Anthropology program here in North Bay. The purpose of her project is to, “examine how people’s experiences and relationships in the community garden shape the meanings and values they attribute to the garden,” according to Ruggles.

She will be making visits to the Waterfront throughout the summer to make observations and record those using hand-written field notes. Gardeners will not be identified in her notes, and those who wish to be excluded from this project can contact either Ellie at  or NBHG at

Ellie will introduce herself upon arrival and feel free to say hi if you see her around! As always, we look forward to seeing the magnificent work you do out on the Waterfront.

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