New Horticultural Coordinator

New Horticultural Coordinator

Hello Heritage Gardeners,

Following the 2017 pattern of change, please welcome Carol Furlonger as the new Horticultural Coordinator with the North Bay Heritage Gardeners. Carol has proven her dedication to the North Bay Heritage Gardeners through her many years volunteering as Design Chair and gardening Team Leader. She will be continuing as Team Leader, Design Chair and Horticultural Coordinator for the 2017 season.

Carol has a passion for gardening and has been a certified Master Gardener since 2011. She is an established business woman who runs her own landscape design organization, and often creates arrangements to be sold at local craft shows. Carol attained her Horticultural certificate from the University of Guelph and has extensive knowledge ranging from native plants, soils and weed control. Carol brings with her an arsenal that includes landscape design, planning, flowerbed maintenance, plant identification and growing requirements.

Her Master Gardening status has given her the opportunity to educate the public through presentations on topics such as native plants, garden design and container gardening. Carol will be presenting a speech on Native Plants at the upcoming Education Night on April 6th.

Please welcome Carol as the new Horticultural Coordinator and do not hesitate to contact her regarding your gardening and design inquires. Carol welcome’s this new opportunity and is excited to be a part of such an amazing organization.


North Bay Heritage Gardeners Executive Committee

Contact Information

Carol Furlonger, Horticultural Coordinator


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