July Education Night

Communities Growing Food 

By Community Outreach Intern 

On Thursday July 12, from 6 PM – 7 PM there will be an Education Night at The Gathering Place Gardens. The event is hosted by the North Bay Heritage Gardeners and presented by Damian MacSeáin discussing Communities Growing Food.

Education Nights are a fundamental element in our success as a non-profit organization, as they help our volunteers expand their understanding of the gardening world, while making sure it remains interesting. These events are held monthly typically through the spring and fall, therefore enticing more public interest. The topics for these events vary anywhere from Bonsai plants to discussing gardens in the neighborhood. The events are free learning opportunities and anyone is welcome to join.

Our organization works hand-in-hand with a core group of 250+ volunteers that manage the gardens along our Waterfront. We are always welcoming new volunteers to our program. Anyone is welcome to join as we continually aim to encourage community involvement. The following is a list of examples with who can join:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Local Businesses
  • Sports Teams
  • School Groups
  • Service Clubs
  • Seniors
  • Health & Wellness

NBHG demonstrates insightful and interesting resources for learning initiatives, by having third party speakers hold the discussions. Everyone is there to perfect their craft or broaden their horizons. Presentations are approximately 45 minutes long, leaving room for questions and discussion.

Our next Education Night is on July 12, at The Gathering Place (TGP) Gardens on Algonquin Avenue located near downtown. Our host is TGP Garden Manager, and NBHG board member, Damian MacSeáin, who will provide a tour and hold a discussion about ‘Communities Growing Food.’ The TGP mission is to provide resources to those in need in order to diminish food insecurity in the community.

Come join us for our July Education Night presented by Damian MacSeáin.

Over the years, staff and numerous volunteers have worked tirelessly to increase the garden yield. The summer of 2017 saw over 3400 lbs of produce harvested from the garden for use in the drop-in meal program, a huge increase from the 630 lbs of produce harvested in 2014.

Beyond food production, the garden also serves as an educational hot spot. Numerous groups are hosted at the garden each summer to learn about a variety of topics including starting seeds, planting seedlings, caring for the plants, composting, harvesting, etc. This knowledge exchange is just one of the ways TGP is helping to build a more connected, food-secure community. In 2018, a pilot project with École Algonquin has seen students participate in the growing of hundreds of seedlings at the school nursery for transplant at The Gathering Place Garden.

The event is free and all Education Nights are open to the public. Interested participants are encouraged to register by July 12 by calling our office or emailing heritage.gardeners@heritagenorthbay.ca

Hope to see you there! 

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