Heritage Tree’s Education Night


Tuesday, May 2, 2017
7:00-8:00 pm
LOCATION:  Auditorium of the North Bay Public Library
271 Worthington St. E., North Bay
You are invited to a FREE evening of education with the
North Bay Heritage Gardeners.

On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 our topic is “Heritage Trees” with
Edith George.

“I am quick to admit my passion for heritage trees…I travel all over the Province of Ontario and answer the questions, “What is a heritage tree?” and “Why is it important to protect them?” using the Heritage Tree toolkit. There are several categories of requirements in determining whether a tree is worthy of heritage tree recognition and I touch on all of them in the presentation. As a former Director on the Board of the Weston Historical Society and presently an Advisor to the Ontario Urban Forest Council, my expertise is in the Social Category which includes historical and cultural significance. Using my neighbourhood’s great red oak as my example tree, I combine my passion of local history and conservation in a presentation titled, “Heritage Tree – Preserving Our Natural Roots”. As more people learn about the importance of our natural roots, they’ll understand the need for identifying and preserving this special part of our history that is often overlooked and even taken for granted”.

A lone person can champion the protection of heritage trees and be successful. Edith created a PowerPoint presentation geared to adults and children alike showing them how to find heritage trees and take protective action. She selected an old red oak (250+ yrs old) found in her neighbour’s back yard and demonstrates how to assess heritage value. She takes her light-and-sound show on the road, responding to requests from a variety of individuals and communities.
*From the Ontario Urban Forest Council website.

Participants are asked to pre-register by noon Tuesday, May 2, 2017 by calling 705 472-4006 or e-mailing heritage.gardeners@heritagenorthbay.com 

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