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In memory of…

Ed Eng – “A terrific organization.” – W. Wallace.

Ellen “Dolly” Gibb – “In memory of Ellen “Dolly” Gibb, who recently passed away as Canada’s oldest person. Mother and Grandmother of dear family friends Sue Crozier and Jane (Crozier) & Derek Wilkinson.”

Marie Johnson – “Mom, who inspired my passion for all things green, and taught me a lot about hope, faith, cherishing family and friends, sharing, volunteering, and pure determination!  She grew a garden where it was almost impossible to do so.” – H. Madigan.

“In memory of Dorval Ledoux from Joan Coutts.”

“In Memory of Dorval Ledoux from the Coutts Families.”

“May his memory live on through God’s creation. From the sisters and staff at St. Joseph’s Motherhouse.”

“A small donation for all the beauty brought to the waterfront.”

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Messages from our supporters

“A terrific organization – all volunteers – about 240. I have been a team leader for 22 years. I salute all fellow volunteers.” – W. Wallace.

“Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers whom not only help maintain the beautiful Waterfront gardens, but also welcome new gardeners to their team so openly, while supporting their existing team members.” – J. Scognamillo.

“Very worthwhile cause!” – C. Furlonger.