The North Bay Heritage Gardeners are a non-profit organization. We have a selection of fundraising items that are available for purchase at the Discover North Bay Museum and/or North Bay Heritage Gardener events.

GIFT SHOP Items for Sale
Sprouting Kits $25.00 + tax
200g Organic Mung Beans $3.00 + tax
400g Organic Mung Beans $5.00 + tax
Pollen Bee Emergence Chamber $20.00 + tax
Pollen Bee Nests

*by Armstrong and Blackberry

$17.50 + tax
Blank Note cards of waterfront images 4 for $7.00 + tax
Cooling Scarves

  • made by Heritage Gardener volunteers from the Secret Keepers team.
$6.50 + tax
Blue Bird House $39.95 + tax
Echinacea Purpurea Seeds $1.00/package + tax
Echinacea Pallida Seeds $1.00/package + tax
Rudebeckia Hirta “Goldstrum” Seeds $1.00/package + tax
Gaillardia Seeds  $1.00/package + tax

These items are available for purchase in the museum gift shop through the cash register.